I'm Jen, the designer and maker behind by Jen Byrne! 

I knew early on that I loved nature and creating things. I also knew that I didn't want to be part of the traditional fashion system and contribute to the environmental and social exploitation that comes with it.


So after graduating from fashion design at LSAD in 2015, I didn't go that route. I started selling my pieces in Dublin's much loved Om Diva Boutique alongside lots of new and established Irish designers. I also worked on bespoke commissions from casual to bridalwear.


I loved making colourful, expressive clothing that people found joy in, but I was also disheartened that I was still creating waste by being left with so many offcuts. I didn't really know at that point how to make my brand as sustainable as I wanted it to be while also keeping it colourful and exciting. If either of those qualities were missing, it just wouldn't be true to me. So after 2 years in Om Diva, I decided I wanted to go deeper into sustainable fashion and I headed to Scotland to do a Masters of Ethics & Sustainability in Fashion.

After that, I spent a little time exploring how I could work within fashion and creativity while staying true to my values. Until one day in 2020, I started creating clothing again. I was reminded how much I loved it and instead of worrying about what it would all look like as one brand, I just focused on creating pieces that I felt proud to make and that aligned with my values. And then it all sort of fell into place!


Everything you see here is done by me from the pattern drafting and sewing to the website and posting out your order. I've also taught myself the art of pattern grading so that I can slowly work towards making my brand size inclusive - I make custom pieces in any size - please do ask!

I work in a totally different way to the traditional fashion industry: at a slower pace and with a focus on consciously crafting made to last, comfortable and unique pieces that you can fall in love with.


I  always choose fabrics with a low environmental impact for example sustainably sourced linen, tencel and second-hand vintage fabrics. Working mostly 'Made to Order' allows me to minimise waste and personalise each piece to you. I also 'Remake' existing garments and textiles to give them a new lease of life, crafting them into a one of a kind piece.

You can be confident that your piece of slow fashion paradise is created in a way that is genuinely conscious of minimising its impact on the world.

Clothing that aligns with your values and you can also feel amazing in!