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Privacy Policy

0.0 Introduction


This privacy policy provides you with details on how we collect and protect your personal information, this information is used during the service we provide and is protected in accordance to this privacy statement



In this policy, "we", "us" and "our" refers to ‘by Jen Byrne’ 



This policy is subject to change and will be updated without any notice, please refer to it frequently. This policy was last updated on the 23/08/2021

1.0 Information

1.1 Information we collect from you

The information we may collect from you includes but is not limited to 

Your name, email address, phone number, geographical locations and card payment details.

1.2 Transaction information

We may process your personal information relating to transactions, including purchases of goods and/or services, that you enter into with us and through our website. The transaction data may include your name, contact details, your payment card details and transaction details. 

1.3 Order information

We may process your personal data for the purpose of processing and fulfilment of orders, supplying goods or services, generating invoices, bills and other payment related documentation. 

2.0 What we do with your information


We use your personal information and data to provide you with goods and/or services and may use it for the following reasons.

2.1 For the fulfilment of goods and/or services. 


2.2 For direct marketing if you have signed up for such, we may process your information for the purposes of creating and sending direct marketing communications to improve our products/ services and to provide you with promotional offers, updates and any other relevant information that we may think you might find useful about using our website and products. 


2.3 Research and analysis, we may process your personal data, transaction and order information for the purpose of researching and analysing the use of our website and services. 


2.4 For internal record keeping, we may process your personal, order and transaction information for the purpose of creating and maintaining our databases and business records. 

3.0 Providing your personal data to others

We do not disclose or distribute your personal data to any third parties unless required to do so by law.

4.0 Retaining, updating, limiting and deleting your personal data. 

4.1 We do not retain your personal data for any longer than is necessary


4.2 You can update your information by emailing with the relevant up to date information. 


4.3 Limiting the use of your personal data from any direct marketing and/ or other services can be requested by emailing 


4.4 If you want to delete your personal data you can request this by emailing 

5.0 Cookies

Cookies are a small file that are stored in your web browser, cookies on this site may be used for the following purposes: to enable certain functions, to provide analytics, to store your preferences and to enable your web browser to tailor your web behaviour and experiences to suit you this is in relation to ads and behavioural advertising. 

5.1 Use of Cookies


We only use this information to monitor and improve our website. Cookies do not allow us to access to your computer, or your personal information unless you choose to share your personal data with us when you order or make an account. 

5.2 Deleting Cookies


You can access any cookies that you have previously allowed through your web browser, where you can limit, change or delete them.

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