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Ready to Wear


Reworked and upcycled pieces created from vintage textiles.

The Ready to Wear collection is a compilation of one of a kind pieces reworked from vintage and other pre-loved ‘found fabrics' to create something new and one of a kind. Choosing remade - upcycled - creatively reused - whatever term you prefer to use - fashion is one of the best ways to actively engage in slow fashion and sustainable wardrobe choices!

Remaking existing textiles into something new gives each piece a new purpose and offers new possibilities for it to be loved all over again for even longer: either by the original owner or by someone new! When the lifetime of a garment is extended it reduces its environmental footprint as well as the added benefit of saving the heavy use of resources (carbon, water, waste and human labour) that is often involved in buying something new. According to WRAP, extending the lifetime of clothing by just nine months reduces carbon, water and waste footprints by 4-10% each. The average lifetime of a piece of clothing is 2.2 years in the UK. By giving a garment a whole new life of 2+ years in another form it helps to reduce those environmental footprints even more! To quote Orsola de Castro (Founder and Global Creative Director of Fashion Revolution):


“The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe”.


The Ready to Wear collection extends that same level of sustainability to endless linen cupboards, hot presses and wardrobes (via my local charity shops) so that you can still get something that’s new to you but doesn’t come at the huge environmental and human cost associated with buying something from the mainstream fast fashion industry.

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Do you have something in your own wardrobe that you’d love to have reimagined and remade? Get in touch on the contact page!

Made for You

Thoughtfully designed pieces made to last using low impact and vintage fabrics. Each piece is made to order in your chosen size, colour and can be made to your custom measurements.

Each new style will be released as it's ready (slowly!) after lots of work ensuring the design, sizing and fit are right. 

Made to order eliminates overproduction while also giving the opportunity to create a piece that is perfect for you!

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