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Zero waste project part 4: Scraps Squared

As I make slow fashion garments from vintage and pre-loved fabrics, I have lots of beautiful scraps that I don't want to throw away. Then there's also the fusing / interfacing scraps that I've kept! My goal is to make what I do truly sustainable, with no waste. So I wanted to see if I can use these to help me create a new textile out of my beautiful vintage fabric offcuts. Here's how that went.

First I laid out the fusing scraps on the ironing board to create a base layer (sticky side up).

Then I placed my fabric scraps on top of the fusing, in no particular order, only that they were in a colour scheme that I felt worked well together. There's all sorts of fabrics being layered here: Cotton seersucker, linen, knit, curtain and lots more!

I then ironed on top of the fabrics to activate the fusing underneath, and bind it all together.

Once they'd been ironed, I brought the whole piece over to the sewing machine and added some stitching around the outside of each scrap to secure it down.

The result wasn't my favourite textile that came out of this project, but I'll definitely try this one again in a more organised way of laying down the fabrics.

I also tried this method out in two different colourways.


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