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Zero waste project part 3

Following on from part 1 and 2 which brought me up to week 4 of this project, I had experimented using up smaller scraps.

In week 5 I decided to take it back a step (and make things easier for myself) by cutting standardised sizes out of the bigger scraps, before being left with all those teeny tiny pieces I'd been working with in the first few weeks.

I went with a simple 10x10cm square, and cut as many of these as I could from each scrap before it went into bags of less than 10cm, organised by colour (what other way is there to organise things?!). The bags of >10cm pieces will then be used for creating textiles such as those in part 1 and 2.

After piecing the squares together, I had a pretty run of the mill patchwork textile. One with maybe less intrigue than the random sizes I had pieced together in part 1, but on the other hand, took much less time! However, it does have all the unique-ness and remenisance of using the fabrics from every garment I've made over the last couple of years! It's also a large enough textile that I could cut new garments from it.

I now have a growing bag of squares cut, so I'll have to update you when I dive into it for the next patchwork piece!

Speak soon,

Jen x


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